Spring Pickings


Where: Fair Field (face the house, & look to the right of the steps); Annex (north-easterly corner, b/w the curvy path & the hedge)

Why: Add to sauces, soups, salads, whatever – fresh or after drying on your window sill

How: Just pluck or pinch off some leaves. Crush a leaf b/w your fingers and smell it, to confirm you’ve picked the right plant.


Where: Fair Field (middle of the garden, just east of the path)

Why: Mature leaves can be softened in a stir fry, or young leaves tossed in a salad

How: Break off a few leaves. Leave the stalk standing, if you please


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat:  Lemon balm (member of mint family)

Where:  Fair Field (facing the house, look for the bright green shrub to the right of the steps)

Why:  Try crushing a leaf between your fingers, then smell it.  Imagine a few lemony leaves in your favourite summer beverage!

How:  Just pick off some leaves, simple as that!



Where:  Fair Field (facing the house, look to the left the steps); Annex (hiding near the comfrey plant, on the corner)

Why:  Chives can be chopped (flowers and all), then added to lots of foods

How:  Cut or break stems close to the ground, leaving the roots in place


Where: Fair Field (face the house, look to the left of the steps); Annex (all over the place, especially near the corner of the hedge)

Why: Mojito anyone? Try chewing on a few leaves, just to freshen up!

How: Pick off some leaves, or break off an entire stem


Where: Fair Field (it’s easy to see the bush reaching over the curb, not far from the bus stop)

Why: Use “leaves” and flowers (but not woody stems or branches), fresh or dried, as a tasty spice (especially with turkey)

How:  Ideally, you’d use snips to chop off a branch, overhanging the curb.  Or, break off new shoots near the end of a branch.


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