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Before boulevard gardening, please read Victoria’s Boulevard Gardening Guidelines.

If you’re interested in permaculture gardening, I’d recommend a book called Gaia’s Garden, by Toby Hemenway. Hemenway himself recommends an even more detailed permaculture manual, a two-volume set, entitled Edible Forest Gardens, by Jacke and Toensmeier.  The set is available at the Victoria public library.

If you’re interested in supporting native plants, the Habitat Acquisition Trust publishes a handy little guide called Gardening with Native Plants.

The Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team offers detailed information on the GOERT website regarding native plants well-suited as companions for Garry Oaks.

If you’re interested in organic gardening, the Society for Organic Urban Land Care has developed an Organic Land Care Standard as a resource. These standards can be tough to meet on the boulevard, in part because of the potential for poor soil conditions and questionable air quality, but pursuing organic practices is worth a try.

If you have a favourite book or hotlink, feel free to share in the Reply box, below.


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