Ready to Harvest!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat:  Tuscan kale leaves

Where:  Fair Field (close to bus stop, near the curb)

Why:  Add leaves to soup or stir fry, or massage them with olive oil then add to salad

How:  Break off a few leaves from the outside of a bunch, taking care not to damage the stem



What:  Oregano leaves and flowers

Where:  Fair Field (face the house, & look to the right of the steps)

Why:  Add to sauces, soups, salads, whatever – fresh or after drying on your window sill

How:  Ideally, use a knife or scissors to cut off a stem, including leaves and flowers



What:  Strawberries!

Where:  Fair Field (look around, you might find one)

Why:  Sweet and tasty!

How:  Break off the berry just above its little ‘hat’; eat the berry, and toss the hat back into the garden (it’s not littering, it’s mulching!)


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