Green Tea!

On Sunday August 24, Margot Johnston and Rainey Hopewell hosted a tea party on the Haultain Common.  A month earlier, Victoria City Council had adopted a set of Interim Boulevard Gardening Guidelines to support and guide boulevard plantings. It was high time to celebrate over high tea!  City Councillors Ben Isitt, Geoff Young, and Lisa Helps dropped by.  A few street greens also presented themselves…


Where: Big bushes right in the middle of the Common.  You can’t miss ’em!

Why: Ripe berries are great in yogurt, smoothies or all on their own

How: Look for the biggest, brightest berries you can find.  If under-ripe, they’re a bit bitter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat:  Perennial arugula

Where:  Just west of the goji berry bushes, close to the sidewalk

Why:  Spicy greens for salads

How:  Break off some leaves, simple as that!



Where:  Here, there and everywhere (in the Common, the Annex, and the Fair Field)

Why:  Blue flowers look great in salads, and taste like cucumber

How:  Just pluck off some flowers to take home, or pop ’em in your mouth!


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